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Digital Transformation Of Your Business

Our services are unique in that we draw the most efficient lines when connecting the dots in problem-solving. Our approach is one of precise design and delivery. We start with understanding our clients needs, problems, requirements. Our team of experts then analyze a various number of potential solutions identifying key business factors every step of the way, from ROI, Cost, Scalability, Ease-Of-Use, etc. We then define a plan, and even build out a proof-of-concept to make sure our clients are getting everything they envisioned before full execution take place.

With Low Code development. We guarantee that whatever solution we provide, regardless of complexity, can be completed not in a matter of months, but a measurement of weeks. Low-Code also takes the approach of less code to do more. Making sure your getting, a manageable, updatable, less complex-code solution.

With the ever-growing pace of technology, DevOps provides the best balance between agile and more traditional methods in delivering a better communicated, faster, approach to seeing your solutions in a more streamlined process.

Our solutions experts are trained to be SMEs of the leading enterprise platforms that run our world today, from Microsoft, to AWS, we make sure, you are using the most of the technologies you already have access to.

Integrate a ecosystem of connected solutions

Take advantage of the cloud

Get the most out of Amazon Web Services

We have the capabilities necessary to develop, deploy, support and manage solutions on AWS. From cloud application development to infrastructure migrations, we feel we have something for everyone.

The power of the Microsoft cloud just got better

Our cloud experts know the ins-and-outs of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud to create a variety of different solutions using the dozens of services Office 365 provides.

Digitally transform your corporate intranet

SharePoint has always led the space in being the preferred platform for CMS. We do everything from migrations, development, to overall support of your SharePoint instance.

Automate your daily tasks

Robotic Process Automation makes it easier to let bots drive your daily mundane tasks, increasing overall productivity and return on investment.

Analytics that drive better decision-making

Re-imagine the way you view your data with our analytical dashboards that create insights into your data at every level.

App development has never been easier

Low Code development made easy with PowerApps. See how you can easily connect to hundreds of different data sources and build apps with them.

What our Clients say

  • 'Great to work with a set of people who really know what they are doing. Always open to hear our perspective at all times and its comforting hearing things that give us a positive outlook on the projects and our overall return on investment. Highly Recommend!'

    InvoTech Solutions Owner
  • 'ViroTech Solutions really are the definition of quality over quantity. They go above and beyond in every aspect of the process. They manage the project in the most transparent way possible from design to delivery and it really shows! Would work with them again!'

    Envigree Business Development Manager
  • 'We would prefer ViroTech Solutions every single time. They really are different in terms of understanding our internal processes and carving out a solution to solve it. These guys are the real deal!'

    KolApp Solutions Architect

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