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Office 365 Consulting Managed IT Services

Increase business performance with ViroTech Solutions Microsoft Office 365 consulting services. We a variety of Microsoft solutions designed to boost productivity, automation and overall adaptability. We can help your business make the most of your Office 365 platform regardless of the plan or subscription. We know what makes the Office 365 cloud great, and why many clients are sitting on services and apps that could revolutionize the way they operate. We offer a free consultation, as many times as needed to convince you why we are a preferred vendor in all things Office 365.

Modernize Your Workplace

Office 365 has a variety of new features that really transform your digital presence. From Microsoft Teams for better communication, to SharePoint for intranets. The potential to change how your business operates is exponential.

Increase Overall Adoption

Microsoft Office 365 takes time to get adopted to because of the hundreds of features and capabilities it offers. Our experts will provide training on the knowledge management needed to better utilize the platform.

Utilize Full Potential

Statistics show much of the organizations out there are not using even 50% of their Office 365 instances. Many clients we found have been surprised to see features which were native to the platform since launch. Let us show you whats possible!

Development Services

We tailor Office 365 solutions to match the needs of your industry requirements, corporate environment, and employees’ feedback We use the different services in the Office 365 suite, to develop custom applications, including complex workflows, stand alone apps, third party integration, and more.

Migration Services

A collection of ongoing transformation and management services, with migration support and strategies to ensure the effective adoption and use of Office 365 and increase overall employee engagement.

Support and Training Services

We can be there for you for all steps of your implementation and post development processes making sure you focus on running your organization and we focus on supporting you.

Integration Services

Connect with the applications you already have whether on-premises or in the cloud, and integrate it with secure services such as single sign on, MFA, and Active Directory. Let us help with making Office 365 the ERP solution that drives your business