Microsoft PowerApps for Apps

Low Code Development Made Easy

Our Solutions with Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps is the low-code platform from Microsoft that focuses on building applications for small or complex scenarios with quick turnaround. Connect to over 100 different data sources, and create applications for both enterprise or department level, for web-based or mobile.

Gets the Apps You Want In Weeks, Not Months

Using DevOps, we create apps that quickly get in the hands of your users. Our approach and mindset is, worker smarter, not harder.

Web or Mobile Based Apps

Whether you need an app built in house for your corporate employees, or a mobile app for employees on-the-go. PowerApps makes it easy to cover every scenario.

Connect to Hundreds of APIs

Microsoft Office 365 has over 100+ connectors to different third-party and in-house applications. Whether your interacting with Oracle, SQL, or SAP. PowerApps makes it easy to plug-and-play.

Connect To Multiple Data Sources

The power of the office 365 cloud allows for connectivity to hundreds of different APIs and lets you control the security and control through your internal policies.

Quick Turnaround for App Development

Our developers spend 30% of their day doing Research on Development on best practices in building with PowerApps, to have more efficient, beautiful functional apps, in half of the time.

Scalable to Every Environment

Whether the scenario involves departmental or enterprise level applications. Powerapps makes it easy to quickly scale to match different scenarios.