Building Strong Relationships Together

We Are Firm Believers in Our Customers Come First

Quality Over Quantity for Every Engagement

We know a lot of our competitors out there are in the business to deliver as many projects as possible in the shortest time for maximum monetary output. Though we don't disagree with that approach, ours is one of patience, trust, and building the foundation to a better future together. We know we can deliver the solutions, what we want is satisfaction from our clients, that see the value in what we do, and why we are different then others.

Certified Professionals Guarantee ROI (Return On Investment)

Our consultants are certified in various number of different skill sets from Microsoft to Project Management. A big portion of our strategy revolves around our team of experts getting the education required to deliver on all ends. If they are knowledgeable in those things, then they can better utilize and help our customers in more then one way. Diverse level of knowledge and experience drives the growth behind our success.
Our rates match the budget of our clients. Not everyone is where they want to be today. That's why we are here to help you get to your goals of tomorrow and are able to provide the same level of service at much lower costs then many of our competitors. If you grow, we grow. This is a win-win and its a journey we want to help you start today.

Case Studies

Just some of the numerous different industries and scenarios we cover today!

Move completly to cloud based services for all your business processes

Using different services such as RPA(Robotic Process Automation) and workflow automation. Really enhance the way you digitize your paper-based processes by letting computer bots look at your paper based documents and transform them into a digital format that can be viewed, shared, and managed. Further enhance it by setting automation of processes around it such as archiving, emailing, approvals, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Analytics can show you key insights to the data you already use

Let us analyze all your data endpoints. We then build the connections, and create a central repository for that data to sit on. We build the relationships and hierarchy of that data. That data is then fed into dashboards that show number of different metrics. Optimize and use a variety of different charts from grid, bar, line, to even geo-location based maps.

Capture the world around you with AI

Using Azure Cognitive Services with powerful app platforms such as Microsoft PowerApps, we can create models for AI that can analyze the way you manipulate and use data. Can be used across all industries for a variety of different things. Let us transform the way you envision your business today!

Integrate hundreds of different apps to centralize automation between them!

With tools such as Microsoft Flow, we can integrate different apps from Salesforce to SharePoint to Dynamics to SQL into a centralized platform and run workflows between them. Workflows can be used to run approvals, notifications, create action items, and so much more. See what we can make for you today!

Create applications to track any project or process or business function

Take advantage of the power of SharePoint by building our department level and enterprise level solutions that define any process. Workflows can be set to automate item actions. Views can be created to show different filters of data. Permissions control who can access the data. Conditional formatting can bring your lists to life. All data is mobile-ready. The possibilities are endless!

Intranets on SharePoint that match the design, look, and functionality that defines your company!

Let us define the direction for your modernized intranet. Include things such as location of sites, communication center, news hub, people directory and much more. Integrate with Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams or Yammer to really enhance the level of communication and engagement among your employees. You define the canvas, we will draw it out accordingly.

Dozens of Success Stories Are Just The Beginning

We can custom tailor any solution for virtually any problem. Our expertise runs deep into many of the leading technological platforms out there today. With the ever-growing space of new innovation, it is important now more then ever to be able to digitally transform your business to the 21st century. That means less time doing the tasks that eat hours and hours of your precious business, and focusing on growth and new opportunities while letting the technology run your business. We will work with you on identifying your needs, your budget, your time-frame and we will deliver accordingly. You need to integrate with a legacy system or cloud based system? You need to build reports to your existing data? You need to automate approvals of documents? Whatever the issue, we are here to help you every step of the way. We grantee it!

Now Certified To Do Business With The Government

We are proud to say we are now certified to work with the U.S government as a small minority owned business. We saw the importance of the federal space and the vast amounts of opportunities available to us to better serve this great nation. We work with clients on a variety of different engagements, whether Prime or Sub. We want to help in any way we can in delivering the solutions that define tomorrow.